Electric air Curtain or Water air Curtain-Which One is Better?

2021-05-29 00:38:17 admin

The air curtain is a high-speed motor to drive the strong airflow generated by the through-flow or centrifugal wind wheel to form an "invisible curtain" air purification equipment. Air curtains are called air curtains, air curtains, air curtains, dampers, and air doors.

There are usually two types of air curtains. One is electricity-only, electric heating type, and there are two wind types: natural wind and hot wind. The other is water-based, that is, cold water and hot water are used to control the temperature of the wind.

Electric curtain air curtain

The use of electric curtain air curtain is more common, and the installation is more convenient. Uses PTC heaters, ceramic heaters, electric heating tubes and other concentrated heating materials. Among them, PTC heaters are the most widely used. It has higher heating efficiency than the other two heaters, and produces a large amount of hot air. The latest PTC heaters can be used It is safer to walk to the surface without electricity.

Electric curtain air curtain


  1. Strong heating capacity, stable performance and low power consumption;

  2. The heating is rapid and the temperature rises quickly;

  3. Microcomputer control, ordinary air and hot air can be turned on separately;

  4. Convenient temperature adjustment and constant temperature

  5. The heating element is equipped with an overheating protection device, which effectively protects the normal use and energy saving of the air curtain;

  6. Motor technology, quiet operation, low energy consumption;

  7. Strong wind, stable operation and low noise;

  8. The clean air circulation system promotes air circulation in the open space;

  9. Easy to install;


  1. It can only produce ordinary air and hot air, but not cold air;

  2. Compared with the water curtain air curtain machine, the power consumption is high;

The use of electric air curtains is more common, and the installation is simple. Water heating type can also be used in places where there is hot water and steam source.

Water curtain air curtain

The water curtain air curtain machine uses water and steam as the cold and heat source. When using hot water as a medium, use softened water. When heating, the heat is released to heat the air when it flows through the heating sheet.


  1. Compared with PTC electric heating, it is more energy-efficient and efficient;

  2. Using hot water, steam heating, and safe and environmentally friendly;

  3. Stable operation and low noise;

  4. Microcomputer control, convenient and quick to use;

  5. It can both heat and cool;

  6. Good heat dissipation performance and longer life span;

  7. Effectively prevent indoor and outdoor air convection;

  8. Clean air circulation, promote air circulation in open spaces, and maintain a fresh indoor air environment;

Water curtain air curtain


  1. The fuselage is heavier and larger than the electric air curtain;

  2. An uninterrupted flow of hot and cold water and steam is required;

  3. High installation environment requirements;

  4. Before each work, drain the water in the heat exchanger and coil;

Electric heating air curtain power: the natural wind of the air curtain is generally: 120w for 90cm; 180w for 120cm; 250w for 150cm; 370w for 180cm; for electric heating: 6-16kw voltage input is 380v.

The price of the air curtain: the general price is around 500-2500. First of all, the impeller of the air curtain machine is divided into size, that is, the size of the wind strength. Secondly, the shell material of the air curtain is also different, there are ordinary iron shells, and stainless steel shells.

The wind type of the air curtain: there are pure natural wind, some can be heated, some can be equipped with remote control, with time control, and some can be equipped with sensors. In short, according to the different needs of users, there are many types of air curtains, so the price is definitely different.