The difference between air conditioner and air curtain

2021-05-29 22:58:17 admin

The working principle of the air conditioner is to use a characteristic of the refrigerant, that is, it releases heat during liquefaction and absorbs heat during gasification. A compressor is connected in series in the closed pipeline of the air conditioner to compress the refrigerant, so that the refrigerant is vaporized/liquefied in the heat exchangers of the internal and external units respectively.

For example, in the refrigeration state, the refrigerant is in a vaporized state in the evaporator of the internal machine, so it absorbs heat, so it is refrigeration. The circulating fan of the internal machine blows the cold capacity of the evaporator into the room, and the indoor temperature drops. When heating, the refrigerant in the evaporator of the internal unit is compressed and liquefied, that is, heat is released.

conditioner and air curtain

The air curtain uses a strip-shaped air distributor to spray a curtain-like airflow of a certain speed and temperature, and by closing doors, passages, counters, etc., to reduce or isolate the intrusion of external airflow. To maintain environmental conditions indoors or in a certain work area. At the same time, it can block the entry of dust, harmful gases and insects.

Although the appearance of the air curtain and the air conditioner are similar, their working principles are different and their functions are also different. Therefore, there is a difference between air conditioners and air curtains.