Installation and maintenance of air curtain

2021-05-30 22:39:17 admin

First, installation requirements of the air curtain

Air curtain installation:

1. The machine should be installed on the door frame

2. The width of the doorway must be less than or equal to the length of the wind curtain; (if the doorway is too wide, several curtain machines should be connected and installed for use).

3. The installation base plate must be firmly connected to the wall (or column) to prevent vibration caused by looseness.

Air curtain installation

Second, the installation method of the air curtain

How to install the bottom plate:

Such as: installed on a concrete wall. According to the position of the holes on the installation base plate, arrange the relative size positions of the 8 bolts M10×60, and embed the bolts in the cement. Then fix the mounting base plate on it. Or punch holes directly on the concrete wall and fix it with expansion screws.

  1. 1. When the mortar is fully fixed, fix the mounting plate washer nuts on the bolts, and fix 8 bolts on the concrete wall or door frame.

  2. 2. The hanging corner of the body must be inserted into the mounting hole on the mounting plate, as shown in front of the dotted line in the figure.

Third, the use and maintenance of the air curtain

(1) Air curtain machine local key switch

One is on and off the power supply, the other two control the speed, with high and low gears. In order to maintain the indoor temperature, please open the low gear when using it. For dustproof, anti-odor, mothproof, etc., please open the high gear when using it.

maintenance of the air curtain

(2) The direction of the wind direction adjustment plate of the air curtain

When heating the room, turn the air deflector, and the air outlet is outward. When the room is cooling, rotate the air deflector, and the air outlet is inward. When it is used for dustproof, mothproof, and odor prevention, rotate the air deflector, and the air outlet is outward. .

(3) Air curtain maintenance method

  • a. Turn off the power before checking and cleaning the machine.

  • b. Use a piece of soft fabric dampened with detergent to clean the air inlet shutters and wind curtain blades And cover.

  • b. When cleaning the blade, apply force and gently, otherwise it will cause deformation and vibration.